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Gumbaynggirr national

Gumbaynggirr  embassy

National and international 
bora courts

(Sovereign never away give)

Gumbaynggirr Nation Seal emblem flag wri
yanigurraygam waarru-bin   
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Northern Lights

Attention: new terra australis passport cards are available now for nationals


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bumajin back passport card NATIONAL back.png
Ngiinda biin gundi Gumbaynggirr manguun jalaa Gumbaynggirr wajaarr
(You all belong to Gumbaynggirr Lore in Gumbaynggirr nation)

Gumbaynggirr Sovereign Parliament is a sovereign nation within the Gumbaynggirr lands of this ancient continent, known in the Gumbaynggirr Language as Buluunyba Jaguun - Great Grandmother Homeland,  Terra Australis

Maajanggundi garrayga bundul ngurra


The Gumbaynggirr National Sovereign Government Nation has declared a National and International Genocide Emergency for our National People and our extended families and Nations.

We encourage all nations to do the same and make treaties with your neighbouring nations, clans and tribes and stand as a national on this land and a sovereign to your nation and lands.

All National and International Bora Courts of the 369 Sovereign Nations will be adopting the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crime of Genocide which the the Genocide Convention and is an instrument of international Law that Codifies the Crime Of Genocide.

Gumbaynggirr Sovereign Parliament is a sovereign Parliament that represents self determination for all the sovereign families in the Gumbaynggirr Sovereign Nation, and all allodial lands, waterways and skies in the dominions of the Gumbaynggirr Nation.

- Gumbaynggirr Nation has its own constitution.

- Gumbaynggirr Nation has its own lore system and jurisdiction as Gumbaynggirr common lore of the land and Bill of Rights (document constituting a fundamental guarantee of rights and privileges).

- Gumbaynggirr Nation consists of towns and shires that make up The Gumbaynggirr Nation. The Gumbaynggirr Elders Council for every Shire or boundaries.

Sovereign families and Individuals in every town, shire and boundries.


-Gumbaynggirr Nation has its own Emblem/Flag

-Gumbaynggirr Nation have their own Gumbaynggirr Sovereign Parliament located in 101 Palmer Street,

Nambucca Heads 2448, Terra Australis

old blackfella bowraville king of missab

aerial view of shelly beach, nambucca heads

Aerial view of bowraville

Gumbaynggirr Nation Seal emblem flag wri
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